Submarine Sirena, Saipan

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Come visit the island of Saipan, and take the voyage of your lifetime in the Submarine Sirena !

Relax in airconditioned comfort. Enjoy the wonders of the deep, on an underwater tour of the Saipan lagoon. You will see beautiful corals, schools of tropical fish in their natural environment, and historical sunken wrecks.

Take A Tour Of The Sirena

It's easy to get onboard the Sirena! Just contact any tour operator at your hotel when you arrive in Saipan. Your tour operator will be happy to arrange your voyage, and free bus transportation is provided from your hotel to the submarine base. You can contact us directly at:

Pacific Subsea Saipan Inc.
PPP-672 P.O. Box 10,000
Saipan, MP 96950 USA
Ph. +1(670)322-7746 or 322-7747
Fax +1 (670) 322-4770

Daily Voyage Schedule

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1. Pacific Subsea Sirena Adventure
2. Building The Submarine Sirena

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Submarine Sirena, Saipan Airconditioned Comfort
Luxurious Interior
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Visit the beautiful island of Saipan.

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Since Nov. 18, 1998