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Wallpaper Images For Your
(Windows 95/98/NT)

Save any of these images onto your Windows 95/98/NT computer as your desktop wallpaper, and enjoy thoughts of Saipan and the Submarine Sirena every day!

Wallpaper Image, 640x480 pixels
Wallpaper Image, 800x600 pixels
Wallpaper Image, 1024x768 pixels
Wallpaper Image, 1280x1024 pixels

If you are not sure which size you should use, click on each of the images until you find one that fits your screen best. To set any of these images as your Windows Wallpaper, click on the link (above) to view the image. When the image is fully displayed in your browser window, point anywhere in the middle of the image and RIGHT-CLICK (using the Right Button on your mouse), and a list of choices will appear. From that list, left-click on the option that says "Set as Wallpaper". The image you see in your browser window will now appear on your "Desktop" as your Windows Wallpaper.

Submarine Sirena Wallpaper Images